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Bridge Mate CyScan

Bridge Mate CyScan

Bridge Mate CyScan is a high performance local position reference sensor specifically engineered for marine vessel control applications. It can serve as a primary or back-up sensor and is compatible with virtually any type of vessel. The CyScan is available with all Marine Technologies DP systems.

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System Operation

The Bridge Mate CyScan contains a laser scanner connected to the vessel's DP system and is operated from a computer console installed on the vessel's bridge. The rotating laser sensor calculates the range and bearing of the reflections from one or more retro-reflective targets installed on the target platform or vessel. If multiple targets are used, the vessel's heading can also be calculated. This information is fed directly to the vessel's DP system.


The sensor operates with inexpensive flat, cylindrical or prism targets. Multiple targets give the system a high degree of redundancy. This allows it to cope with the sudden loss of a target, e.g., a target obscured by another vessel, while still supplying accurate positional data to the DP system.

Automatic Levelling System

An automatic levelling system compensates for the pitch and roll of the vessel, ensuring that the sensor maintains target-lock in high sea states.

Reliable Target Lock

A rotating scan pattern, combined with advanced mathematical algorithms, enables CyScan to differentiate between real targets and false reflections. For example, CyScan can differentiate its targets from personnel wearing retro-reflective clothing or life jackets.

Bridge Mate CyScan Console

CyScan console's clear display and intuitive user interface enable DP operators to use CyScan safely and effectively. The same user interface is used on the RadaScan console, helping to make sure that RadaScan-trained operators will already be familiar with CyScan controls.

The CyScan sensor and console computer are connected via a standard, networked ethernet link, enabling multiple control stations to be installed, if required.

Bridge Mate CyScanNew Bridge Mate CyScan

The latest Bridge Mate CyScan has evolved using the expertise gained from over eight years of designing marine positioning sensors. Developed from our existing field-proven sensor, it offers even better performance, accuracy and reliability:

Double-Speed Rotor
The new CyScan's 120 rpm double-speed rotor option makes it suitable for use onboard smaller, more maneuverable vessels.
Improved Accuracy and Precision
The twice-per-second scan resolution gives increased accuracy to the larger vessels that have traditionally used CyScan. Upgraded optics also allow better tracking of dirty or damaged target reflectors.
Quick and Simple Installation
CyScan's integral PSU enables it to be installed quickly and easily as a single unit. The sensor can be linked to the vessel's DP system using either ethernet or serial connections.
Increased Reliability and Reduced Downtime
Fewer moving parts make the latest CyScan even more reliable than its predecessor. Its modular design and onboard fault diagnosis allow servicing to be performed quickly and simply. Additionally, CyScan's new robust, all-metal housing protects it from harsh marine environments.

User Benefits

  • Increased Accuracy - Upgraded optics give better tracking of dirty targets and an extended operating range.
  • Better Maneuverability - Adjustable rotor speeds up to 2 Hz (120 rpm) allows CyScan to be used on smaller, faster, more maneuverable vessels.
  • Improved Reliability - Fewer moving parts increase sensor lifespan and reliability.
  • Quick and Simple Installation - The integrated CyScan unit does not require an additional PSU. Bow/stern-facing installations are configured by a simple two-way switch.
  • Faster Servicing - Modular components can be swapped quickly and easily.
  • Easier Upgrades - Fast software upgrades are conducted using USB memory sticks or via the console/service PC.
  • Faster Fault Resolution - Diagnostic messages are shown on the integrated status display.
  • Improved Service History - Electronic IDs and runtime statistics are recorded for all electronic components.
  • Choice of Connections - Choose between dual opto-isolated RS-422 (serial) or dual ethernet.
  • Compatibility - CyScan is compatible with all modern DP systems using industry-standard data protocols.
  • Ease of Use - CyScan features intuitive controls for quick set-up and simple operation.

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