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Bridge Mate ECDIS

Electronic Charts Display and Information System

The Bridge Mate Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) from Marine Technologies is an integrated information system that displays a vast array of navigation information utilizing electronic charts. Designed with the vessel operator in mind, the Bridge Mate ECDIS is a vital resource for efficient route planning and monitoring.

Incorporating user-friendly route planning functions, the Bridge Mate ECDIS provides precise vessel position data, optimizing navigation, safety and fuel consumption.

Designed for the rugged offshore environment, the compact Bridge Mate ECDIS system promotes intuitive operation with state-of-the-art touchscreen marine monitors. The ECDIS is easy to install and service with a modular design that can be delivered as a stand-alone version or as part of the MT Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System.

The Bridge Mate ECDIS complies with IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations and is Wheel Mark approved, making it suitable for both new build and retrofit installations.

The Bridge Mate ECDIS uses official vector charts and accepts all electronic navigational charts (ENCs) distributed by NAVTOR and other distributors, including those from AVCS, PRIMAR and other chart suppliers. The Bridge Mate ECDIS is optimized for fast and easy installation of NAVTOR charts.

Bridge Mate ECDIS Features

  • Real-time positioning and route monitoring
  • Advanced route planning and validation function
  • Simple, low cost update and maintenance of charts via e-mail, DVD or NAVTOR's NavSync online update service
  • Interfaces to a large variety of navigation sensors
  • Compact and modular design of hardware options enabling ease and flexibility of installation on new build vessels and retrofits
  • Maintenance-free marine computer
  • Touchscreen display available in 19″, 23.1″, 26″ or custom sizes
  • Compatible with S-57 Edition 3 electronic navigational charts (ENCs) encrypted using the S-63 Data Protection Scheme from PRIMAR
  • Displays targets and information from AIS (Automatic Identification System)
  • Intuitive menu structure for easy operation with built-in user manual

Bridge Mate ECDIS Options

  • Available chart formats: S-57, S-63 and NAVTOR SENC distribution format
  • Includes free background charts
  • Chart presentation: S52 and INT1
  • Fast import of electronic navigational charts (ENCs), including AVCS and PRIMAR charts
  • Easy chart updates:
    • One-click chart updates with NAVTOR NavStick USB device
    • Seamless and automatic chart updates with NAVTOR NavBox
  • Layers: AIS, radar targets, mariner objects, admiralty information overlay (AIO) and Navtex
  • User-friendly navigation tools
  • Modern and intuitive user interface
  • NAVTOR chart distribution options: Pay As You Sail (PAYS), Licence by Route and Standard Subscription
  • Easy chart ordering with NAVTOR NavTracker web portal
  • Optimized for touchscreen monitors
  • Track control steering
  • Autopilot steering
  • Meets all international certifications and standards

Integration with the Bridge Mate Track Control System

The Bridge Mate ECDIS can be integrated with other MT systems, including the Bridge Mate Track Control System (TCS). In conjunction with inputs of position, heading and speed, the TCS can automatically keep a vessel on a pre-planned track over ground under various conditions and within the limits related to the vessel's maneuverability.

MT's Track Control System calculates and monitors any cross track distance (XTD) continuously in real time along the route, both on straight legs and during turns, and adjusts the course to steer (CTS) or the rate of turn (ROT) as required to keep the vessel on track.

The MT TCS is designed for safe navigation at sea and includes fallback arrangements at track control failures to meet all requirements. This is achieved by monitoring sensor information, usage of ENCs and intuitive operator interfaces.

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