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Bridge Mate ECDIS

Electronic Charts Display and Information System

Marine Technologies' Bridge Mate Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is an integrated information system that displays a vast array of navigation information utilizing electronic charts. Designed with the vessel operator in mind, the Bridge Mate ECDIS is a vital resource for efficient route planning and monitoring.

Incorporating user-friendly route planning functions, the Bridge Mate ECDIS provides precise vessel position data, optimizing navigation, safety and fuel consumption.

Designed for the rugged offshore environment, the compact Bridge Mate ECDIS system promotes intuitive operation with state-of-the-art touchscreen marine monitors. The ECDIS is easy to install and service with a modular design that can be delivered as a stand-alone version or as part of the MT Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System.

The Bridge Mate ECDIS complies with IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations and is Wheel Mark approved, making it suitable for both new build and retrofit installations.

The Bridge Mate ECDIS uses official vector charts and accepts CM-93 vector charts from C-Map, as well as ARCS from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Bridge Mate ECDIS Features

  • Real-time positioning and route monitoring
  • Advanced route planning and validation function
  • Simple, low cost update and maintenance of charts via e-mail, DVD or C-Map online update service
  • Interfaces to a large variety of navigation sensors
  • Compact and modular design of hardware options enabling ease and flexibility of installation on new build vessels and retrofits
  • Maintenance-free marine computer
  • Touchscreen display available in 19″, 23.1″ or custom sizes
  • Compatible with
    • S-57 Edition 3 electronic navigational charts (ENCs) encrypted using the S-63 Data Protection Scheme from PRIMAR
    • CM-93/3 and CM-93/2 vector charts from C-Map
    • Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs) from the Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS) and Seafarer RNC (published by the Australian Hydrographic Service)
  • Radar overlay from MT radar system or via a radar interface card
  • Displays targets and information from AIS (Automatic Identification System)
  • Intuitive menu structure for easy operation with built-in user manual and online help

Bridge Mate ECDIS Options

  • NAVTEX interface
  • Optical bearing observations
  • Pirate warning system
  • Integrated weather forecast information
  • Seetrac Tender Tracking System (TTS) interface
  • Interface with MT heading control system for track control steering

Bridge Mate ECDIS Standards

The equipment conforms to the following standards:

  • IEC 60945 Ed. 3.0, Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems, General Requirements
  • IEC 61174 Ed. 3.0, ECDIS Operational and Performance Requirements
  • IMO Resolution A.817 (19), Performance Standard for Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems
  • NMEA 0183 version 2.30, Standard for Interfacing Marine Electronic Devices
  • IEC 61162 Ed. 2.0, Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems, Digital Interfaces
  • AIS interface is compatible with ITU-R M.1371 and IEC 61993-2

Mandatory ECDIS - IMO Compliance Dates for Use of ENCs

Ship Type Size New Build Existing Vessel
Passenger ≥ 500 gross tons 1 July 2012 No later than first survey after 1 July 2014
Tankers ≥ 3,000 gross tons 1 July 2012 No later than first survey after 1 July 2015
Dry Cargo ≥ 50,000 gross tons 1 July 2013 No later than first survey after 1 July 2016
Dry Cargo ≥ 20,000 gross tons (new build) /
20-50,000 gross tons (existing vessel)
1 July 2013 No later than first survey after 1 July 2017
Dry Cargo ≥ 10,000 gross tons (new build) /
10-20,000 gross tons (existing vessel)
1 July 2013 No later than first survey after 1 July 2018
Dry Cargo 10-20,000 gross tons 1 July 2014 No retrofit requirements for existing vessels < 10,000 gross tons

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