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Bridge Mate RadaScan

Bridge Mate RadaScan

A Position Reference Sensor to Enhance DP Operations

Bridge Mate RadaScan is an advanced position reference sensor based on radar for use in dynamic positioning and other vessel control applications. It is a local sensor system with high precision range from 10 m to 1000 m (depending on environmental conditions). It complements GPS/DGPS for close range work and overcomes the operational limitations of traditional laser and taut-wire systems. RadaScan is available with all Marine Technologies DP systems. Advanced position referencing is also available in a smaller, portable version - the Bridge Mate Mini RadaScan.

The RadaScan position reference sensor comprises a sensor that is mounted on the operating vessel, a control/display PC which can be installed with the DP control system, and one or more retro-reflective transponders which are placed on the target installation. The sensor accurately measures the range and bearing to the transponder(s) to allow calculation of vessel position and continuously relays this to the DP system via an industry standard telegram.

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Bridge Mate RadaScan Sensor

The RadaScan sensor features a 360° scanning transceiver unit with integral power supply and signal processing electronics. The sensor is based on the FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) principle and operates in the marine radio location band at 9.25 GHz. Emissions are less than 1 W and largely immune to interference from other nearby transmitting sources. The emitted beam is precisely shaped to provide an exact vessel bearing with a look-up angle of 35° for short range work against a platform. The sensor is heated, making it suitable for severe cold weather operation.

Normalized X/Y Position for TargetBridge Mate RadaScan Transponders

Single or multiple transponders are mounted at suitable locations on the target structure. Transponders are supplied with either external power supplies for permanent installation or with self-contained battery packs for temporary or semi-permanent use. Both types are intrinsically safe and ATEX-certified. The transponders are passive and uniquely coded. They are truly retro-reflective, directing the received sensor beam back to the sensor with an attached ID code. The sophisticated reflector design ensures a horizontal (azimuth) viewing angle of up to 170°, giving excellent directional coverage for vessel maneuvers and reducing the number of transponders needed for complex operations. A single transponder can be used simultaneously by any number of vessels. RadaScan can calculate position using up to five transponders simultaneously, providing improved redundancy and precise heading control, even against a moving target vessel.

User Interface

The user interface is Windows® PC-based and runs on a compact industrial marine computer. A network connection links the sensor and the PC, giving the potential for multiple control stations. The graphical interface is clear and intuitive for safe and effective operation with minimal training. Coded transponder IDs are displayed for quick and easy operation.

System Performance

RadaScan provides positional accuracy (range and bearing) normally associated with a laser sensor, but with much greater target tracking stability and immunity to false reflections and bad weather. Its 360° scanning capability ensures target lock even during demanding vessel maneuvers. This is further enhanced by the wide viewing angle of the transponders, making complex moves possible without hardware adjustment or operator input. Stable transponder tracking to approximately 1 km gives greater operational flexibility to the vessel operator.

User Benefits

  • Radar principles for all weather operation
  • 360° scanning sensor allows unrestricted vessel maneuvers
  • Reliable target tracking from 10 m to approximately 1 km
  • 170° target viewing angle allows complex vessel maneuvers
  • Mains powered transponders are available for permanent installation
  • Battery powered transponders are available for low cost installation
  • Coded transponders for quick and easy operation
  • DP ready for any type of system

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