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C-Comm VSAT offers a new world of communications options to the maritime marketplace, including IP (Internet Protocol) phones, vessel tracking, weather service, ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts), content management, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and much more - all available with global Ku and/or C band coverage.

Available Options with C-Comm VSAT

  • Locator
    • Present and past
    • Vessel status
    • Vessel AIS data
    • Fleet management options
  • Dynamic Positioning Data
    • Real-time data on demand
    • Play back archives
  • IBS/SCADA System Monitoring
    • Alarms
    • Data logging and trending
    • Condition based maintenance

C-Comm Global Broadband Solutions

  • 2013 GlobalBroadBand Coverage MapGlobal Broadband Coverage
    • Complete global coverage at maximum speeds
  • One-Stop Global Mobility Solutions for:
    • Professional/maritime
    • Oil and gas exploration/production
    • Navies/government
    • Fisheries
    • Leisure
  • Intelsat Global Mobility Partner
    • Global network management
    • MPLS private networks
    • 24/7 NOC and customer service support
  • Maritime and Offshore Services
    • Fleet and vessel management
    • Remote diagnostics and monitoring
    • Global weather
    • Official electronic charts
    • Medical data
    • Entertainment
    • Distant learning
    • Video downloads
  • Fixed-Price Service Packages
    • Several fixed-price global broadband service packages are available

Why C-Comm VSAT?

  • Improved mobility and demand for high speed broadband applications (512 kbps)
  • Rapidly increasing number of advanced maritime Internet Protocol (IP) applications (512 kbps)
  • Attract experienced crew by offering superior communications and entertainment options
  • Affordable basic Internet, e-mail and voice applications (64 and 128 kbps)
  • Connectivity of ships and platforms to enterprise grade IP applications
  • Bandwidth guarantees, visibility of CIRs and SLAs
  • Fixed service fees with affordable equipment leasing or purchase options
  • Bandwidth on-demand for:
    • Integrating in-house proprietary applications and ERP systems
    • Critical up-to-date online data
    • Weather maps and e-charts
    • Video teleconferences
    • High speed IP applications (512 kbps)
  • Improved safety and security with remote surveillance video feeds (128 kbps)
  • Remote monitoring of systems and analysis of data anywhere, anytime
  • Keep up to date on LRIT and ECDIS

MT-BB100 MKIII Ku band VSAT antennaKu Band VSAT Equipment


Based on the field-proven technology of the BB90 and the BB100, the improved MT-BB100 MKIII features a redesigned parabolic dish for optimal RF performance and feed incorporating cutting-edge computer simulation software used in aerospace missions. The MT-BB100 MKIII offers fast tracking and outstanding signal acquisition, even without an external gyrocompass. Locking information is gathered from an internal tuner, the satellite modem and the AGC (automatic gain control) level.

The MT-BB100 MKIII antenna is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber and weighs less than 143 pounds (65 kg). This lightweight construction allows for the easiest antenna installation on the market. The MT-BB100 MKIII is designed to minimize stress on belts and motors for maximum operational life and minimum maintenance. Thanks to its rigid construction and fast tracking algorithms, the MT-BB100 MKIII antenna maintains remarkable tracking performance at all times, defying ship vibrations and heavy sea conditions.

The carbon fiber parabolic dish features a patent-pending metallic coating, resulting in an extremely lightweight dish, impervious to thermal and mechanical flaws with a smooth, conductive surface. The dish feed mechanism combines deep-space probing technology with internal corrugations to achieve best-in-class impedance matching and a controlled radiation pattern. The combined result is a top-performing ADE (axially displaced ellipse) dish offering highly efficient tracking precision and very low side lobes.

The MT-BB100 MKIII is compliant with the most demanding standards, as required by Anatel, Intelsat and Eutelsat. (*Pending approval; previous models have been approved.)

Click here to view the MT-BB100 MKIII specifications.

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